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We at InterObservers greatly appreciate your interest in collaborating with our brand and furthering our mission to empower individuals in their leadership, management, and communication roles. We welcome brands and writers committed to enhancing skills in leadership, management, communication, career development, business management, and business software through their writing.

By initiating a guest post request to InterObservers, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the guidelines mentioned below, crafted to ensure quality content for our readers.

Who We’re Looking For:

We are seeking motivated bloggers who are able to write compelling and informative articles on topics such as leadership, management, communication, career development, business management, and business software.

If you strive to reach individuals interested in these areas and can provide quality content, you’ve found the right platform.

Possible Guest Post Topics:

  • Leadership
  • Management Strategies
  • Effective Communication
  • Career Development Tips
  • Business Software Recommendations and Reviews
  • Business Management

Ensure that your content aligns with these topics and provides valuable information for our readers.

Content Quality

Your article should be of high quality, filled with practical insights, and prioritize educating our readers over promoting a specific product or service.

Ensure that the content you propose hasn’t been covered in our existing posts. Research thoroughly, and strive to match or surpass the quality of our current content. Remember to provide your main keyword for SEO purposes.

Originality and Ownership

Your submission must be original and unique. Once your post is approved, you grant us copyright over the content and we automatically become its sole owner, prohibiting its use on any other site.

Article Length

Our guest posts must be a minimum of 1400 words, covering your chosen topic from various perspectives and providing valuable information to our readers.

Content Format

The submissions should be written in clear, standard American or British English:

  • The introduction should utilize one of the techniques outlined in “How to Write an Intro for Your Blog.”
  • Use short sentences (average of 12 words).
  • Incorporate bullet points and numbered lists whenever applicable.
  • Your submission should be void of grammatical errors, ensuring clear and straightforward communication of your ideas.
  • Avoid large chunks of text, aiming for under 300 words for each heading and subheading.
  • Specify your main keyword and let us know what it is for SEO purposes.
  • Include the LSI keywords related to the main keyword in your text.
  • Ensure that your piece has undergone thorough proofreading and editing before submission.
  • The length of your article must be 1400 words or more.
  • Provide 3 to 4 links to authoritative websites and sources supporting the information used.
  • Include 3 to 4 ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ with brief answers of less than 50 words.
  • Optionally, provide an Author Bio consisting of up to 50 words, along with an author image and link.


There is no need to submit images; we will add them to your article ourselves.


The body of your article may include up to two links to authoritative websites; your own site can be included.

Insert a minimum of three links to authoritative websites at the end of your article, under the heading ‘References and Useful Resources’. These should be for the websites you used in your research. 

Author Bio

  • Authors can optionally provide a short bio of up to 50 words and their primary email address (which will not be published).
  • To avoid any ownership ambiguity, we will not attribute your post to a company.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please provide 3-4 frequently asked questions and their answers related to your topic.
  • Each answer should be approximately 60 words long.

Submission Guidelines:

Remember to provide 3-4 authoritative links for citation purposes, specify your main keyword, and edit thoroughly before submission. You can also include a relevant video, URL, and an optional author bio of up to 50 words.

How to Submit A Guest Post

To submit a guest post, kindly send an email to [email protected] with the following details:

  • Introduce yourself and provide an overview of the company you represent.
  • Include 3 or more title suggestions for your guest post.
  • Ensure your subject line contains your Name and the term ‘Golden Eagle’ to indicate that you have read our guidelines.

If you follow our guidelines, we will get back to you within three business days.

We look forward to your contributions and promoting them on our platform!

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